You're 'good' 🍏... then you're 🍫🍰 guilty.


I have a free mini-course for you, that will help you discover the original, underlying reason you turned to food way back when.

And let it go.

‘Discover, Recover’ 

Dig into your eating psychology, and take your first step towards lifelong recovery from overeating, binge eating & emotional eating.

In the ‘Discover, Recover’ mini-course, you’ll learn:


you started trying to control your food in the first place.

You’ll do a powerful journal exercise guided by a coaching video.


to absorb your learning with all your senses, not just your intellect.

You’ll listen to a relaxing, Sensational Eater™ audio meditation.

What ...

to do for clients if you’re a coach or PT.

You’ll use the notes for coaches section if you’re a wellbeing professional.


to surround yourself with, to beat ‘lonely’.

You can join a free online community of people exploring their eating psychology.

ps. If you’d prefer to receive access to the free course without joining the mailing list, you’re welcome to. Just email me via my contact page at my website (below)! Thanks!

Here’s what subscribers are saying:

I did the mini course yesterday and found it really helpful!

I really liked the journaling exercise in the mini course—I found it helpful to see the correlations.

The meditation was very powerful for me, too.

It felt so good to just calm down and not fret about things. That really made my day yesterday, after a couple of difficult weeks, working from at home. I’m looking forward to learning more!



👈 The time it takes to complete the whole ‘Discover, Recover’ mini-course

This mini-course is for you, if:

  • You’re a hard-working person who strives for success (but fails around food) … This isn’t like you. In every other area of life, you set yourself a goal, and you do whatever it takes to get there.
  • You’re a parent – YOU’RE the grown-up now, so why haven’t you outgrown food struggle?  Sure, you don’t have much time – but this food thing was there before the kids. There must be reasons why other people can stick to things, but you can’t. 
  • You’re a coach who works with body or wellbeing, but needs a psychological edge… for those clients who talk through food goals, but next session say “I couldn’t do it”. What’s going on for them?
  • You’re a mother who’s preparing her daughter for teenhood or leaving home… You wish you could teach them what they need, but the truth is, you’ve never quite got to a point of eating at ease yourself.

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