Girl, you work hard enough.

So let's make weight loss and binge eating recovery FUN!

It’s going to be illuminating. 

  • You’ll get to know yourself better and choose how you want to feel.
  • You’ll get to feel your emotions more – and be more alive.
  • You’ll lose your physical AND mental weight.
  • You’ll self-coach to live a bigger life – because at the end of the day, you deserve a lot more than the ‘reward’ of chips and Netflix.

"Laura was my lifesaver.

Her eye-opening questions guided me to fight for myself”.

"Laura transformed my life in ways I'd never dreamed of.

I was given skills to handle my depression in a more pro-active way. Comfort eating, numbing, avoidance issues and my sexuality”.

"My food cravings disappeared.

Amazingly, I am not preoccupied with food any more. My weight went down too!”


"I could finally move on with my life".


testimonial Laura Lloyd eating psychology coach

"It really was an eye-opener!"


I give personalised, tailored support in two formats. Choose the one that fits around your work routine.

Food psychology coach Laura Lloyd

75-min 'deep dive' calls


  • Biweekly Zoom meetings: £200/month (min 3 months).
  • Sessions scheduled at a regular time that fits both our time zones.
  • Your own regular, protected time slot.
  • Replays and resources added to your private online 1:1 resource hub – so you can repeat your hypnosis between sessions.
  • Sessions comprise 45 mins thought work, 30 mins hypnotherapy.
  • Cancel any time after first 3 months. 
Laura Lloyd's video coaching on Marco Polo app

20-min power sessions/exchange


  • Weekly 1:1 calls or video message exchange: £200/month
  • Includes self-study access to the full Sensational Eater programme.
  • Either 20mins of video message exchange on Marco Polo app, OR you can book 20-min 1:1 flexibly during my office hours.
  • Re-listen to hypnosis on your phone.
  • Spread my support with day-to-day accountability.
  • Talk to me on video message 24/7.
  • Cancel any time after first 3 months. 


Most online programmes don’t include ‘real coaching’. I give you undivided 1:1 support – it’s the most intense and effective transformation. 

If you’d like that support, or help to decide which format would work best for you, here are the steps.

1. Get in touch

First, ask about availability, let me know your time zone, and when you’re free.


2. Got questions?

Next, I’ll arrange a preliminary chat, so we can check we’re a fit, and I can help.


3. Paperwork

If that’s all good, we’ll sign an online contract, and check hypnosis is safe.


4. Pay and begin!

Finally, you can pay by Paypal or bank transfer (UK account). It’s go!

Person writing a journal page with grass in the background

On my waiting list?

You can start self-coaching today, and accelerate our work. While you wait, take my affordable online programme Food Psychology Savvy. It’s a self-paced foundational process to get rid of diet mentality and start a lifestyle approach to weight.


All your questions about coaching with me

What’s 1:1 private coaching like?

Will I have a food plan?

Yes – but you’ll make it yourself. In my Simple Plan method, you’ll eat the food you like and choose. There are no off-limits foods and no magic supplements or superfoods.

I’m not a nutritionist and I don’t give out food plans you have to stick to. It’s not the food that’s your problem, it’s your ability to manage your mind around food. 

You can follow whatever style of eating you want.

How much 'homework' will I have?

You’ll have, to begin with, around 3 minutes a day. 

As time goes on, and you learn journaling techniques, you might want to do more. 

Will I have to give up my favourite foods?

Sure, a liking for nutritious decent ‘real food’ makes it easier to navigate cravings and urges, but equally, I myself lost weight eating dessert after every meal for 3 months – I kid you not – so it’s really not about the food

For instance, most of us attribute our food struggles to ‘problem foods’ we tend to overeat, or eat even when we’d started the day promising ourselves not to.

But the food isn’t magic, it doesn’t have special powers.

Instead, we have a set of beliefs that weaken our ability to talk ourselves out of eating it, or out of stopping eating it: “Chocolate is my weakness”, “I just can’t be around sugar”, “Once I start eating crisps, I can’t stop”, “I’m out of control”, etc etc. 

Unless you have special dietary needs, I don’t advocate cutting out certain foods. I won’t make you eat them either.

And no, you don’t need to give anything up to lose weight. I want you to think about this: we are only going to make changes you want to keep up for the rest of your life.

My goal is that you have authority over your eating, feeling in control of your choices, regardless of what comes your way.

Why? Because that’s the sustainable, lifelong solution. Believing you have to avoid triggers your whole life is precarious and makes you vulnerable to opening the floodgates, should you one day give in. 

Oh, and ‘giving things up’ is the motorway to binge eating. That too. 

What's hypnosis? What's Hypno-CBT?

OK! I’m studying at the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, an evidence-based field called Hypno-CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Hypnosis. 

In simple terms, what this means is: I firstly help you identify thoughts and deal with feelings that are causing your behaviour.

Then, we cement new thoughts by teaching you techniques of self-hypnosis. 

Self-hypnosis isn’t going into a ‘trance’. That’s because there’s no evidence that such a special state called ‘trance’ exists. Instead, we believe that what we call ‘hypnosis’ is really the bringing together of powerful skills you already have: Your ability to pay full attention to one idea, your ability to imagine vividly, your ability to relax deeply, the ability of your brain to follow instructions when you choose to (these are called ‘suggestions’). 

Do we have to do hypnosis? I don't like it.

No! We can just do the thought work if hypnotherapy isn’t your thing. 

Or, we can do thought work and just visualisation. Or, we can do thought work and relaxation. Your call. 

Practicalities of coaching

Is coaching always on Zoom?

Yes, it’s on Zoom.

If that’s impossible for you, phone is usually also possible.

After 4 weeks, can I continue?

Sure, so long as I have availability. If you know at the outset you’d like to work for longer, say over 3 months, let me know and I’ll hold your time slot. 

I'm in a different time zone, is it a problem?

I’m in the UK, but I’ll do my absolute best to find a time when we’re both free. I have got out of bed to coach before!

Do sessions have to be consecutive weeks?

Sometimes I can space sessions two weeks apart. Depends on whether it works around my other clients, but I’ll try to accommodate. 

Who I can work with

Does your approach work with binge eating?

Yes, absolutely, I myself was a binge eater as a teen and I offer a tried and tested process for that. 

Can I have sessions that are 'just' hypnotherapy?

Not at present. That’s not how I work right now. 

Can you work with my child? Husband?

Let’s talk, drop me a line. The person you want to help really needs to be ‘bought in’ to the process. 

I know you want to help your person, but for starters, we can work with YOU on why you think you need them to change, and whether that’s helping!

Do you work with anorexia?

Anorexia is outside my sphere of professional competence.

Can you cure bulimia?

Although I myself was bulimic for a time, bulimia is outside my sphere of professional competence. 

My food cravings vanished. 

My weight went down too!


It really was an eye-opener!


I could finally get on with my life.


I've had 18 therapists. You were the best. Exceptional!


Laura transformed my life in ways I'd never dreamed of. I was given skills to handle my depression in a more pro-active way. Comfort eating, numbing, avoidance issues and my sexuality.


Laura was my lifesaver. Her eye-opening questions guided me to fight for myself.


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