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1:1 coaching

The most intense transformation.

If you'd like to read more about having 1:1 thought work & self-hypnosis sessions, go here.

Online courses

The Food Psychology Savvy programme is open on a self-paced basis.

It's the fastest way to prepare your brain for a life beyond diets.

Group coaching

The Simple Planning Group (private monthly coaching and ongoing training) is open to graduates of Food Psychology Savvy, and 1:1 clients.

Podcast guesting

I love appearing on podcasts.

I hope to have my own soon, too, so if you'd like to collaborate to share a platform, let me know!

Want to ask about something that bothers you in your own eating?

“Dear Laura, How should I deal with x, y or z?”
Let me give you instant help! Ask me a question, big or small, agony-aunt stylee, by hitting the record button and speaking your heart out. 

I’ll answer on video (Youtube, so public), and in our (private) Understand Your Overeating facebook group.

You have 3 mins to record. The more emotionally open and detailed you are, the easier it’ll be for me to help.

Feel free to use a ‘pen name’.