I was you.

Ambitious. Hard-working. Smart. Successful, (at least in others’ eyes!)

I could do and become whatever I wanted, if I worked hard enough, right? I was ambitious, and I  had crazy high expectations of myself. 

So why did I have all this private, shameful failure around food? Why was I binge eating, overeating?

I’d solved binge eating by my 20s, but I still hadn’t finished with food struggle.

What would it take for you to finish with your food fight and get on with your life?

In my 30s, I was doing a high-adrenaline job, and still eating emotionally – to procrastinate, to reward myself, to be a bit rock n’ roll and let loose. 

So I set out to understand overeating from a new perspective. 

There’s a lot of talk about ‘diet culture’ and how we rein ourselves in, and how that affects our eating psychology.

What’s unique about my work as a coach is that I have studied the flipside – how we push ourselves, and set ourselves crazy high expectations. 

I’m here to help you understand that how we do food, and our work ethic, are inextricably linked.

'How do I stop After-Work Overeating?'

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YES! I'm going to learn to coach myself out of this.

You’re smart.

You’ve got goals. You’re creative – ‘cos you’ve already tried tackling your issues with body and food yourself.

Should be doable, right? Professionally, you’re sooo capable.

So why do you feel like you’re failing around food? Unable to do what you know is best for your weight, your body, and your sanity?

Doesn’t add up! But look closer, and you’ll see that it makes perfect sense.

It did in my case. Let me explain with this 3-minute video.

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"Laura was my lifesaver.

Her eye-opening questions guided me to fight for myself".

"Laura transformed my life in ways I'd never dreamed of.

I was given skills to handle my depression in a more pro-active way. Comfort eating, numbing, avoidance issues and my sexuality".

"My food cravings disappeared.

Amazingly, I am not preoccupied with food any more. My weight went down too!"


"I could finally move on with my life".


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"It really was an eye-opener!"


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