Let's find out why you overeat after work.

Other people will put you on a diet, or teach you to be 'anti-diet'.

 But I'll teach you to manage your mind around food so you can eat with kind control, always. 

These are not just weight loss skills, they are skills for LIFE. 

Lose weight without diets.

End emotional eating – reward, procrastination, stress, eating to relax…

Get unfazed by urges.

Learn faster with hypnosis.

Understand binges.

Stop eating at satisfied.

Feel better, deliberately.

Manage your mind and get free from mental food chatter.

Swap guilt for excitement.

Turn failing to learning.

End your overeating. 

My food cravings vanished. 

My weight went down too!


It really was an eye-opener!


I could finally get on with my life.


I've had 18 therapists. You were the best. Exceptional!


Laura transformed my life in ways I'd never dreamed of. I was given skills to handle my depression in a more pro-active way. Comfort eating, numbing, avoidance issues and my sexuality.


Laura was my lifesaver. Her eye-opening questions guided me to fight for myself.


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Why do I overeat after work?

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If you want to stop binge eating forever, adopt this alternative attitude

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Want to lose weight fast? Uh-uh. Enjoy the whole journey

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Want to lose weight? Daily reflection is a must

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Unplanned eating will banjax your diet or food plan. And your weight loss project. Here’s how to avoid it.

Unplanned eating: In our office, as well as ‘cake Friday’, we also have spontaneous offerings that people bring in. Avoiding unplanned eating, though, is the key to creating and maintaining a lifelong weight loss, says Food Psychology Coach Laura Lloyd.

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